The Laws Of Light & Emotions:
The Sexed Universe

Metaphysics and Psychology

Painting By Alex Grey


Sexuality is a subject matter which has left so many wondering since the beginning of times, and it is not without a reason that seduction is often associated it with a magic operating outside our realm, hence the captivating - and also obsessive - interest it will forever suscitate. But why then do so many remain unsatisfied with their romantic or sex lives? The Laws Of Light & Emotions: The Sexed Universe aims at lifting the veil by revealing the hidden Force behind it: Electric Fields, which obey very specific Natural Laws or Hermetic Principles. The latter are key to understand the mechanisms ruling over our emotions as Sex is the most powerful Force in the entire Universe and this Force is also the underlying explanation of the Fear of Being.

The Conscious Universe simply tells us that Matter and Thought come to life through a Cosmic Mind in a perpetual orgasmic state, hence ultimately to guide humans on the path to the achievement of Self-Love to manifest the Law of Correspondence. First and foremost this book isn't meant to ostracize certain sexual behaviors, nor is an erotic user manual but probes Sexuality as the absolute expression of the Oneness. Electricity being composed by negative and positive charges, this is not only valid for heterosexuality but homosexuality as well since even same sex relationships exhibit these very male-female interactive components: it is thus up to the reader to interpret what is said in this book and adjust it to his own situation.

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