First and foremost this book isn't meant to ostracize certain sexual behaviors, nor is an erotic user manual but probes Sexuality as the absolute expression of the Oneness. As much as the Electric Universe Theory is currently challenging and poised to redesign mainstream (astro)physics, The Laws Of Light, Emotions and Sexuality (previously titled The Metaphysics Of Sex) aims at shedding light on the 'big picture' in a world subjected to a perpetual 'war on Consciousness' and its ensuing psychic fragmentation. Some countries are over-sexualized, others totally repressed, though it does not really matter as The Law of The Opposites teaches that both ends of a spectrum always translate into the same outcome: a self-depreciation and/or loss of critical thinking linked to unsustainable cultural levels of coercion dictating behaviors and defining norms. It is the popular belief that people in the West are freer compared to the rest of the world, but this is a mere perception as argued in The Empathic Society section.

Although some external pressure and skepticism are keys to exercise Free Will, mankind's history is repleted with tales of civilizations determining which groups are in power, and this is exactly what this work will focus on: Power. Its definition and most importantly what is wrong with seeking to control emotions and thus romantic outcomes, because if this is not fully grasped, inner growth too will remain a vague dream to achieve, or worse condone emotional servitude. And if the Psyche is imprisoned, so is the Body. The Laws Of Light, Emotions and Sexuality doesn't preach in favor of attaining perfection but merely outlines the Oneness' inner workings to help make sense of any arising dilemmas on an existential scale. It can be summarized as set of guidelines aiming at extricating one self from misconceptions generated by the academic department of psychology, which clearly demonstrates its inefficiency on a regular basis. The Trap Of Psychoanalysis section surely begs to differ on the current Archetypes and how the latter are rather exploited to keep society within low-level type of vibrations perpetuating Bondage and Lust addiction.

For their sake, as well as growing in awareness, Humans need to regard the Prime Cause, Electromagnetism, as a Force and its own set of Natural Laws, which will ultimately always determine the outcome, in the sense that the polarization of thoughts creates recurrent and self-defeating mind patterns, which can be corrected with Hypnosis, Meditation or even Shamanism if the knowledge expounded on here genuinely prompts the desire for a radical inner change. The increasing success of Shamanism today rather indicates that more and more people seek self-healing from a social and generational emotional disconnect with Nature, the Spirit Molecule.

Although the Collective may encourage individuals, it is the Individual that shapes the Collective. As much as a forest wouldn't exist without each three, a Collective depends on the individual's abilities to process data rightfully. The Collective will always mirror the inner balance of the beings within it. Both form an Energy Vortex within which Individuals are the inflow and the Collective the outflow, which then returns to the Individuals. The Collective is a Mind Matrix regulated by each individual's psyche. So, in order to transform what is, an individual change of mindset must occur first. What needs to be transformed in this case is our attitudes toward Sexuality as a whole as it is clear that our Western society is about to reach a threshold instigated by The Economics of Sex, itself meant to not only distract from the 'big picture' but seriously undermines the male-female Complementary Principles. This is not only valid for heterosexuality but homosexuality as well since even same sex relationships exhibit these very male-female interactive components. It is thus up to the reader to interpret what is said in this book and adjust it to his own situation, this to explain why there isn't any section dedicated to homosexuality.

As already stipulated above, The Laws Of Light, Emotions and Sexuality doesn't seek to redefine norms (as it recognizes the holographic nature of Reality) but argues for the merging of spirituality and sciences and provides templates demonstrating how the pursuit of fulfillment can unfold without causing any major crises, as long as partners or lovers are aware of the Prime Cause. And this to enhance sensuality or begin a relationship based on a rock solid trust - or even being able to overcome conflicts a lot quicker and more importantly without counseling. Psychoanalysis has consistently dismissed, on purpose, to probe Sexuality (the union of two polarities) as the most powerful Force in the Universe that propagates not only Life but Love, and thus unable to sort out the dilemma of societies praising egos in quest for power and domination that brings about all sorts of emotional disconnects increasing the divide between Sexes. We all share the same 'individual karma' which is the Fear of Being. And how this Fear translates doesn't matter as the environment always mirrors the Self. Years of couch therapies focusing on parental behaviors and their aftermaths are pretty much ineffective in this sense. Parental behaviors are themselves mere generational consequences of the Fear of Being remaining unaddressed by educational dogmas as a whole.

Many assumed the 60s would radically change Western society, that female emancipation would make women not only better mothers but lovers. Several decades later, the feminist legacy is rather bleak. As to wonder whether emancipation ever took place. It is a word that lured them into believing that acting like men sexually would end a millennia-long gender conflict. Masculinity has too been misguided for centuries and bears the stigmas of a left-brained society that cannot last forever. While feminism debases male sexuality in the process, the sad state of affair is that the emancipation women took for granted, has rather a lot more to do with a 'systemic suppression' fostering the wrong Economics Of Sex.

Does The Laws Of Light, Emotions and Sexuality require a wide range of experiences to be comprehended? Not really. Everybody has happened to deal with the downsides of what is called 'passion', trying to see one' self in the other's eyes or taking a lover/mate for granted. While we do need others for personal growth and exchange perceptions, we learn most from obstacles. One' sense of the self is unique and possesses all answers within. Flaws also are qualities, without them we cannot improve. It is when we fail to realize this that we become dependent on others' opinions and expectations, or fear the latter and won't dare speak up our minds.

This website is a place for women and men alike who wish to understand why all relationships, even though all seem to narrate different stories, are bound to face the same challenges over time. The knowledge shared in this book isn't available in the mainstream and often tagged as esoteric. But what does 'esoteric' mean? Simply knowledge that only a very few can comprehend. However, it was meant to be this way. This concealment is as old as Humanity. The Laws Of Light, Emotions and Sexuality attempts to convey the core issues with realism in order to unveil the Maze of Human Consciousness and its connection with The Unconditional Now.

The Laws Of Light, Emotions and Sexuality also has very little to do with the Law of Attraction, if nothing at all, a concept that has been quite much oversold by new-agers, but the 'Law of Balance': why Desire is inseparable from its Opposite Motion, Asceticism, and forms with the latter a perfect harmony when non-duality principles are assimilated - or may reveal itself as a tumultuous and sometimes destructive vortex' when oblivious to their energy flows. It is not without a reason that the Western society has become over-sexualized. In our Physical Reality, without the understanding of Electromagnetism and Dualism, Sexuality exposes itself as the 'paramount of all illusions' as it also rules over all our fears, and that Fear manifests the metaphysical absence of Love. (to be continued)

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Sex is the fundamental principle of Creation. It is the dual desire and force in Mind for expressing its One Idea. Without a division of the one unconditioned Light into two seemingly conditioned lights, Creation could not be. Sex is not a thing, it is a condition of a thing. An electrically balanced condition of anything is sexless whether it be a man, woman, electric battery, or the atmosphere. A sexed condition is an unbalanced condition. An electric battery which is fully charged is dually unbalanced by the opposite electric pressures of compression and expansion. These two opposite unbalanced conditions violently desire to return to the oneness of balance from which they were divided into two. A short circuit between the two poles of the battery will give it that balance. We then say it is dead, for it will no longer perform work by expressing its desire for balance .... The sex matings of the elements exactly coincide in effect with the sex matings of humans. Violent explosions in the elements have the same basic cause as such violent explosions as murder in humans. Terrific electric unbalance is the cause of both. Likewise, stability in the elements and in humans has the same cause in equality of balance -- Walter Russell's University of Science and Philosophy

Action and reaction are equal and opposite, and are expressed simultaneously. Sequentially they are repeated in reverse, the reaction becoming the action and the action the reaction

This whole electric universe is a complex maze of similar tensions. Every particle of matter in the universe is separated from its condition of oneness, just as the return ball is separated from the hand, and each is connected with the other one by an electric thread of light which measures the tension of that separateness

Man can create only with his Mind -- and the brain is not the Mind. The brain is merely the seat of sensation and the electric recorder of sensation

All matter is electric. All matter is conditioned into greater or lesser strains according to the intensity of desire which is the cause of all electric strain to which it is subjected. The farther removed from rest, the greater the strain or tension. That which we call high electric potential is merely great strain to maintain a condition which is far from the condition of rest

All opposites of all kinds extend from a mutual equator which is their common unity, and to that equator they must eventually return in order to repeat. Every pair must become one in order to again become two. Men and women do not escape this two-way reciprocatve law. Each becomes what the other is. Both are always compromising each other's unbalance. If the two unbalances are equal and opposite, each type will survive and grow mentally, spiritually and physically. If the two unbalanced mates are unequal in their opposition, the penalty is degeneration - mentally, spiritually and physically. The quality of one mate is a compromise with the quality of the other. The pattern resulting from this spiritual, mental and moral development is compromised for good or bad by every contact between them - no matter how slight. This is true even outside the sex union

When our knowing exceeds our sensing, we will no longer be deceived by the illusions of our senses

Action has meaning only in relationship, and without understanding relationship, action on any level will only breed conflict. The understanding of relationship is infinitely more important than the search for any plan of action -- Jiddu Krishnamurti

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Celine-B Kayser-Scherman is a certified practitioner of hypnosis and an autodidact thinker. Her background is quite eclectic. Philosophy has always been a major field of interest of hers, especially that of Jiddu Krishnamurti and Walter Russell in the more recent years and which radically influence her writings. She also attentively follows the amazing developments in Epigenetic Research - the environment's influence on huan behaviors - and paving the way for the merging of metaphysics and sciences. With Sacred Geometry and Vedic Math, she began to observe the Universe with a new 'Hermetic' understanding. Celine also investigated Ancient Traditions for many years to unroot the esoteric origins of 'good and evil'. Being a voluntaryist at heart, she aims at promoting social structures espousing non-aggression Principles. Over the years, she has also sounded the alarm about General Intelligence AI. Celine's main focus is to share her insights and which can be summarized as 'cosmogenic guidelines' to enhance awareness.


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